Factors That Lead to Sinus Infection and Treatment

Sinus infection is an inflammation of the air cavities within the nose passage. The condition can be caused by infection, allergy and chemical irritation on the sinuses. The reason for the occurrence of the infection is viral, bacterial or fungal growth on the sinus cavity. If the condition is not treated, it can affect people for a long period of their life.

Environmental pollens and chemical irritants are the main reason why many people have Sinitus infections. Lack of free flow of air into the nose and mucous out if the nose can also lead to Sinitus infections. The other cause of sinus could be tumors and growths that block the sinuses if they occur near sinus openings. Dehydration, disease, drying medications and lack of sufficient humidity is the other cause of sinus. This can also be caused by thickening of the mucous thus hindering its drainage. A lot of mucus in the sinus is discouraged since it offers a suitable environment for bacteria’s and viruses to thrive.

Sinus infections are many and are grouped into various groups. According to sinusitis duration we have acute, subacute or chronic. The only way to know that one has acute Sinitus is checking on the to!e span which s 3_5days. Subacute sinus last from one to 4months and is more dangerous than the acute Sinitus. Chronic Sinitus lasts for more than three months. Reccurent Sinitus is the worst and has several Sinitus attacks every year. When it comes to the type of inflammation Sinitus is subdivided into two, infected sinusitis and noninfectious sinusitis. Infectious sinusitis is usually caused by uncomplicated virus infection.

Non infectious Sinitus is a condition that results from chemical irritants and allergies. There are many indicators that one is suffering from Sinitus. Sinitus is majorly proved by a painful headache. Headaches results from the intense pressure in partially and completely blocked sinuses. The pain becomes more severe when a person bends down. Tenderness of the face as well as swelling in the areas where sinus infection has occurred is another indicator of sinus infection. Due to inflammation of sinus tissues and infections, fever results. Sinitus is also characterized by postnasal drip. Post nasal drip can be defined as a condition where one produces a lot of mucus that leads to discomfort on the throat.

Doctors can treat sinus infection. It is best if one is treated by an ent doctor for Sinitus. This is a doctor who has all the knowledge that is needed in order to cure ent. Ent practitioners perform x-rays and surgeries where necessary. It is advisable for one to seek medical attention before the sinus and nasal conditions worsen.

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMOugR37_do for more details on ENT physical examinations.

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